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The encounter

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The Encounter is a serialized radio drama that is written, performed, scored and produced by the students and faculty of Liberty University's School of Visual and Performing Arts and the School of Communication and Digital Content.  The Encounter is a mystery set in the future where characters experience circumstances that cause them to question what they have been taught in their respective societies, setting them on a journey to uncover the truth.  Each episode is approx. 15 minutes.  Each season has 15 episodes.  


In the news


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The Encounter wins award

Click here to listen to the entire awards show.  

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Season One's episode, THE BANISHMENT, took home the top prize in long-form radio production at the 2018 Festival of Media Arts at the Broadcast Education Association's annual conference.  The ORIGIN SERIES, PART II, took home Best of Competition.  Producer, Chris Underation, Sound Editor, Kornel Gerstner, and Creative Manager, Chris Nelson, will be traveling to Las Vegas to accept the award.  


Encountering the truth

Students and faculty partner to create the world of The Encounter.